Our Approach

You would not know it from the mainstream financial services industry, but investing today is as easy as it has ever been and can be extremely inexpensive. And while retirement planning does have several moving parts and a few decisions to be made, it too can be made rather simple.

In order to know what to do, though, it is sometimes important to know what not to do. And that is the case in investing because the financial industry has cultivated confusing and sometimes misleading folklore and myths. The four topics below deserve focus and attention.

Our Team

Our goal is to make investing and financial planning as simple, effective, and inexpensive as it can be. We have spent our professional lives in banking, credit, financial planning, investment management, insurance, academia, financial mathematics, and more. Compendium Finance is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Our Publications

We have written extensively about the financial services industry.

Advisor To plynty

We provide the investment-related advice offered through the plynty app. Using our advice, plynty users can see where they may be heading and make decisions and changes along the way to improve their future. plynty identifies roadblocks to success such as damaging and unnecessary fees and costs. plynty helps users quantify the long-term effects of their choices along the road to retirement, including when to retire, when to file for social security benefits, how much income to expect, whether to take a part-time job for a few years, and more.